Tribal Anti Vaping Campaign

Tribal Anti Vaping Campaign

Flower Song


Three Hoopa youth find themselves coming of age at a time when vape products are littering traditional lands and threatening their tribal culture.

Stop the Poison


Indian Health Council Chief Operating Officer Angelina Renteria raises awareness about the harmful effects vaping could have on tribal youth and the future of tribal communities.

No Word for Vape


Tribal Elders, cultural leaders, doctors, and youth from across California band together to share a common message: “There is no word for Vape in our language.”


Sacred Jewels


A Yurok youth notes that vaping hurts not only our bodies but also the environment, urging people to protect both.


Central CA

Tribal Elder Robert Cox of the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk raises awareness about how tribal families need to protect youth from the health dangers of vaping.

Forest Fire


Indian Health Council Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Calac compares the harm vaping causes to a person's lungs to the harm a raging fire causes in a forest.



Southern CA

Indian Health Council Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dan Calac raises awareness about the need for tribal leaders to educate themselves, families and youth about the toxic risk of vaping.


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